Dan Wang

Dan Wang

Member since May 2018

Market Research Manager

[Work Experience]

  1. Has around 10 years' consulting experience in Finance (Investment, Loans, Bank, Insurance), FMCG (Cosmetics, Medicare), E-Commerce and International Trade;
  2. Familiar with Risk Control, CRM, Digital Marketing and Marketing Platform Management;
  3. Focuses on Business Reports, Visualization, Data Modeling and Data Mining, and familiar with Forcasting, Segmentation, Scoring, Quick-win and Propensity Models;
  4. Well knows algorithms in Machine Learning, Operations Research and Statistical Analysis;
  5. Has skills of MDM(Main Data Management) and Analysis tools (SAS, SPSS, R, SQL, Tableau, Python, etc).

[Character Summary] Hardworking and ambitious. Kind and always helps others.