Jiaheng Zhang

Jiaheng Zhang

Member since May 2018

Software Engineer at Facebook
I will not refer unknown people unless you think you have very strong background and knowledge to pass all interviews and I will get to know you first. SORRY!!

I got interested in Computer Science since I was very young. I began to learn programming and develop my first application based on Visual Basic 6.0 back to 2002. So far, I did many projects and I really learnt much from them, though many of my earlier projects are too simple and too native to be listed below. During my student years, I participated in many programming competitions, did research projects in labs, led teams to do startup projects, published papers and attended academic conferences. Meanwhile, I gained industrial experience from Microsoft Research Asia, Tencent, Facebook and Oben as research and full stack engineer.

I am also an early adopter and investor of Blockchain. From investing Bitcoin to developing smart contract on Ethereum, I am always happy to chat on this topic.

Besides Computer Science area, I am also a photographer and running a photography publishing platform on Wechat named "50mm". I love taking portrait and landscape photos. Subscribe to my photography artworks using Wechat now on account name "ilove50mm".

More importantly, I am always looking for opportunities to develop my entrepreneurial leadership for the next big thing.