Kevin Yan

Kevin Yan

Member since September 2018

A Big-Data-Driven Marketing Specialist & Branded IP Ambassador & Initial Content Engine
Kevin loves collaborating with intelligent talents and gifted people. By utilizing their knowledge and influence to encourage the youth dare to dream, he poises to enable next generation to make achievements through internet and big data.

A big-data-driven marketing specialist with over 13-year’s commitment to youth athleisure, IP commercialization and initial content creation from Greater China Region to the world and fully experienced in various business entities, including business consultancy, FMCG brands, and internet platform.

Having been serving for global leading brands from operational level to managing role including Alibaba & Tmall, PepsiCo (JV with Master Kong in China), Nike. Accomplished in developing branded marketing & communication strategies for Blue Chip organizations and celebrities across Greater China and North America as well as planning and implementing large-scale brand campaigns and IM programs, including Tmall Double Eleven Carnival, Grand Opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, NBA All-Stars, China Basketball, Yao Ming, Steve Nash (two-time NBA legend), etc.

Leadership and General Management o Leading by example and working in both multi-national and local settings. Political operator adept at dealing with different levels of government both in China and around the world.

Branded IP Ambassador & Initial Content Engine o Set up a theory of marketing mindset transaction from “Product-Brand-Content-IP”. Commercializing branded IP by strategic positioning, partnership and insight-driven content to effectively engage younger generation

Internet Product, Big-Data-Driven Mindset o Quoted by Jack Ma’s saying “Data is the new oil”. Strongly believing brand & marketing in the future being driven by internet, big-data and AI. A marketer to the future shall prepare “platform mindset”, which is able to benefit to both B and C.