Larry Zhaoyang Jin

Larry Zhaoyang Jin

Member since February 2017

PhD Candidate at Stanford University
Larry Z. Jin is currently a Master Candidate in the department of Energy and Resources Engineering of Stanford University, Major in Petroleum Engineering. He received Frank G. Miller Award for high academic achievements during his very first year in Stanford. His expertise is in Reservoir Engineering, Production Management and Optimization.

Mr. Jin serves actively during his time in Stanford in Chinese Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO), Stanford Chinese Association of Petroleum Engineers (SCAPE) as well as Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

He studied in Peking University for his undergraduate, and received Bachelor degrees in both Engineering and Economics, during which time, he had been listed for Guanghua's and Wusi's Scholarship multiple times for excellence in academic performance. He was also a well respected fellow of Student International Communication Association (SICA), Peking University Consulting Association (PCA), and Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) in Peking University.

He is specialized in Reservoir Simulation, and has solid back ground in programming. He is proficient in Matlab, Python and C/C++.