Sean Chan

Sean Chan

Member since May 2018

5+ years of experience as C-level (CEO & CFO) and business strategy.

Founder of EquitySoft Investments: EquitySoft is a financial services corporation focused on ongoing R&D of proprietary machine learning systems for our exotic trading algorithms and unique investment solutions. We are looking for PE investors and portfolio clients.

Founder of BlueSeed Holdings: BlueSeed Holdings Inc. is a full-service corporate finance advisory firm that services both accredited individuals and corporate clients. Our services include tax planning methods and asset diversification opportunities for accredited individuals; fundraising, contract CFO, consulting services, business development and business transactions for corporate clients. Our corporate clients have typically achieved at least USD$500,000 in revenues annually and may be looking to fundraise usually between USD$5million to USD$200million (with a few exceptions).

Held a few CFO positions and advisory positions and currently advising for and/or working with companies such as Abana Capital, WorldTree, AIS, Chrysalix, and Eyexpo.

Specialties in fundraising advisory via debt or equity instruments, finance, corporate, business and marketing strategies, revenue model, fundraising documents and due diligence package preparation, and advisory on private and public markets.

Send me a message if you are interested in: Private, pre-IPO or Public investment opportunities & fundraising partnership

Industries include: AI, Real Estate, Impact Investments, Mining, Female Empowerment, Robotics, Consumer Tech, Blockchain, Online Marketplace, Asset Management etc.