Thomas Fox

Thomas Fox

Member since May 2017

Social Entrepreneur at ORCCA
Social entrepreneur at ORCCA (fintech), storyteller of Midwestville, doodler at ComicOx (an ORCCA compliance startup), advocate/founder at O'Moose, landlord at SVista and California attorney.

ORCCA (R): Midwestville: ComicOx: O'Moose Forum: SVista:

**My phone and email don't always work. If I fail to respond, please try all methods listed here to reach me. Sorry for the inconvenience. Skype: Thufox, LINE: Yosahu, or WeChat: DanCaliļ¼Œ or Twitter: Hufox513. Email: [email protected]; Phone: +1(408) 991-9191 or +886-983 259 080. I am in Taipei right now.

California attorney with prior experiences in software development (CMS, now an HP company), marketing (NCR), business acquisition, Big 4 consulting (KPMG) and real estate. I have an impeccable credit (credit score 818). Please download the attached resume for details.

Skills/Strengths: deal negotiation, strategic planning, legal knowledge, financial/accounting knowledge, entrepreneurship, business acquisition, commercial real estate, business/revenue modeling, problem solving/innovation, management consulting, software development, product design/management, project management, branding, content designing/marketing, digital marketing, communicative narration, internal control, storytelling and doodling.