Ye Yu Ph.D, MBA

Ye Yu Ph.D, MBA

Member since April 2017

VP of Products at CloudMinds Inc.
8+ years working experience in product management/marketing, corporate strategy, and R&D in artificial intelligence, robotics, enterprise software, telecommunication, semiconductor, IoT and data analytics area, targeting US and China markets.

Beside an MBA degree from Stanford, I received my PhD from Tsinghua University. I have filed 7 National Invention Patents in China and published 6 academic EI papers in wireless multimedia communication area.

Now I am working at CloudMinds as VP of products and responsible for taking product ideas from concept to market. I lead the US robotics and AI business unit with overall responsibility for P&L, budget administration, revenue generation, product management, product marketing, talent recruiting and day-to-day running of various function team.

2014-2016, I have been responsible for designing and driving Open Innovation strategy for Samsung US in AI, big data analytics, network security, IoT, network virtualization, wireless communication and Telco cloud areas

Since 2014, I have volunteered as a senior investment committee member & senior strategy adviser at Keiretsu Forum China to introduce innovative technologies and disruptive start-ups into China.

When I worked at Vimicro, I co-established the first Chinese national digital surveillance standard-Surveillance Video and Audio Coding (SVAC) standard and led 15 multinational engineers team to develop first SVAC product. My work not only has contributed to Vimicro's entry and domination of video security market in China ( Vimicro had received $1.66B funding and $42.2M revenue from 2012 to 2013) but also facilitate China surveillance industry growth (TAM for SVAC in China had reached $ 50B with CAGR of 20% in 2012).