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Bruce Yong Li
software engineering, product development
Coco Chen
Dan Wang
Digital marketingIT engineers
Dennis Chang
Elaine Pan
Han Jing
Fundraising, AI Development, Software Development, eCommerce, Strategy, Market AnalysisFundraising
Hsiu Chen
Hua Harry Li
Jerry Zitao Liu
machine learning
Julia Qiu
Kingsley Anaele
Marc Wang, CFA
Ming chao Li
investment experience Shares
Qiang Xu
Richard Zhang
Java, C
Sean Chan
Access to capital from family offices, institutional funds, PE funds, SWFsInteresting Projects
Songze Li
Stanley Diao
Tony Y. Chan
started 3 companies. 1 failed. 1 got acquired, 1 still going
Xiaojun Li
Xiaoqiao Chen
Machine LearningEnglish Speaking; Entrepreneurial Instruction
Yangbo Hua
Zhengyuan Zach Pan
Experience at couple of VC funds; Hosted 5 thousand-people CMU Summit conferences; Product management & development in consumer roboticsAI experts, entrepreneurship, network, investment, product, business strategy
Zhiyong Zhang
python/hpc/cloud/ai/renewable energy/healthcare
Zhuofu Chen