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Skuchain builds blockchain based products for B2B Trade and Supply Chain Finance. With a strong team of serial entrepreneurs from Stanford, MIT, Berkeley and UPenn, we are looking to help enterprises break free from the complexities and costs associated with their Inventory and bring forth the vision of ‘Collaborative Commerce' where trade partners can interact in a friction ­free manner and gain deep visibility into their supply chain so they can make smart forecasting decisions, and not be constrained by cash flow helping them compete.

Members in Skuchain
  • Elle Yang

VIA Telecom

VIA Technologies, Inc is a global leader in the development of highly-integrated embedded platform and system solutions for M2M, IoT, and Smart City applications, ranging from video walls and digital signage to healthcare and industrial automation. The company has offices primarily in Hangzhou and Beijing, China; Taipei and Hsinchu, Taiwan; San Diego and Fremont, USA.

Members in VIA Telecom
  • Ker Zhang

Members in ceo
  • Larry Zhaoyang Jin


丰元创投(Amino Capital, 旗下基金包括zPark Capital), 是美国第一家汇集硅谷IT巨头企业华人高管的创投基金, 总部位于硅谷中心帕洛阿尔托 (Palo Alto) 。丰元创投市场化的运作模式与技术高管的背景,专注于早期投资,包括种子、A轮与B轮。已经运营的1期与2期基金中有100余家高速成长的创业企业,包括Assemblage(被思科NYSE: CSCO收购)、Orbeus(被亚马逊NYSE: AMZN收购), Skycatch, TrustLook等。丰元创投合伙人名单包括曾经创办清华企业家天使基金与中关村硅谷创投的李强;著名的Google中日韩文搜索算法的主要设计者,腾讯前副总裁、畅销书《浪潮之巅》,《大学之路》和《文明之光》的作者吴军博士;Google第一位高级华人工程高管,协助组建谷歌中国, 利用20%的业余时间独立开发出Google的图片搜索产品,被华人同事们尊称为“老大”的传奇人物朱会灿博士; Facebook首位华人总监并已升任副总裁,负责Growth的魏小亮博士等。

Members in 丰元创投
  • 李强

宜信 CreditEase

CreditEase is a leading FinTech company in China, specializing in small business and consumer lending as well as wealth management for high net worth and mass affluent investors. It is a Standing Committee member of China’s Internet Finance Industry Association and Chairman of Beijing Marketplace Lending Association. Its majority-owned subsidiary Yirendai (NYSE: YRD), an online consumer finance marketplace, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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  • Ning Tang



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  • Lily Li